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His fudge is good and sweet

His fudge is good and sweet

His fudge is good and sweet

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    His fudge is good and sweet
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    Night dawn
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2022-06-19 20:20:33
Everyone has seen the cruel Qin song and the arrogant Qin song, but he has never seen his red eyes holding a little girl gently saying, "daughter-in-law, can't you coax me?" Qin song didn't expect that he would be interested in a soft candy. He couldn't see her being wronged, crying, or laughing at other men. Later, The only candy that belonged to him became his greed and obsession... But what he didn't expect most was that the timid little girl would suddenly disappear and leave his life. He made a fierce search for her. How dare she? Dare to leave him like this Ruan Tang's 18 years of real happiness are so few that she can hardly remember. Only the year she met Qin and song was the most disturbing, palpitating and happy time for her, but the good time made her forget the cruelty of reality. Finally, she chose to face her own reality with their memories in the years when she left him, she supported herself with only some memories in the few years she left, he became more inhumane, colder and ruthless when she meets again, she just wants to escape with unbearable clothes, but she can't escape, because this time he won't allow her to leave in front of her, even if the means are despicable······

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