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Warm marriage devours love

Warm marriage devours love

Warm marriage devours love

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    Warm marriage devours love
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    Author bkye0o
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    Cool Novel
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2021-12-05 02:09:54
Chen jiao'er is the adopted daughter of the Xia family. She was bullied from an early age and finally got rid of the family. But ushered in a powerful man. However, this man is too gentle. She can't resist it segment 1: "Why are you so careless." "I can't ride a horse." Chen jiao'er looked at the man in front of her. Her heart was a little flustered, but her heart pounded "be careful later." the details of this man are related to her, so she can't wake up from it, just want to fall segment 2: "why skip class?" "I don't want to go to school." "then come to my company and be my substitute secretary." facing the fierce attack of the president, Chen Jiaoer can't stand it a president who is directly responsible for wall Dong "you will be mine from now on." segment 3: "how can I announce my love on the ship?" "because I don't want to wait any longer." "I want to marry you." Chen jiao'er smiled. She never thought that this man would be so kind to herself after all, a president can still hold a beauty.

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