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Peasant silly wife: Uncle Huang is so spoiled

Peasant silly wife: Uncle Huang is so spoiled

Peasant silly wife: Uncle Huang is so spoiled

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    Peasant silly wife: Uncle Huang is so spoiled
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    Small fish in water
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    Novel 520
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2022-01-24 07:02:18
Xia Jiachi's silly girl fell into the water and was saved. The rogue neighbor waited for an opportunity to blackmail her. The village ruffian forced her to marry. The human trafficker thief Xi Xi stared at her brother. The mother lying in the hospital bed took her hand and cried the orphan and widowed mother are so poor that they can't solve the pot. In such a family accident... the unscrupulous villagers gloat. Looking at it, the life of the Xia family can't pass unexpectedly, Xia Qianqian, who was awakened by the powerful medicine, suddenly changed his eyes with her space wishful bracelet, she abused Standard Chartered's best relatives while farming, practicing medicine and doing business the boy who jumped off the cliff she stopped at the top of the mountain was the famous ninth emperor uncle of the dynasty She mistakenly entered the bandit's nest and brought back a little bandit, who became the major general of the future God of war she saved the general. She never thought his sister was her own mother after a gorgeous turn, she became the legitimate daughter of the marquis. Accidentally, she was forced to the corner by Uncle Jiuhuang. His eyes were hot, "all my things are yours, even me."

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