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Fengming Zichen

Fengming Zichen

Fengming Zichen

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    Fengming Zichen
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    Ancient sacred animals ate iron
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    Mountain Book
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2023-05-30 23:07:21
Empress Dajing Ji was betrayed and buried in the sea of fire with regret and resentment in a twinkling of an eye, she was reborn ten years ago at this time, she had just ascended the throne, and all the tragedies of her previous life had not happened. God seems to have given her a chance to make up for her regret again in that case disordered officials and thieves, come to meet my anger< br>_ __ "as your Majesty's sword pointed out, the minister will move forward. Whoever dares to resist the order, the minister will cut off his head." The first general of Dajing, the iron blooded man Tu, said his Highness the Duke of Jingguo 1v1, double strong, women in charge of politics, men in charge of the army, husband and wife are united and play around the court

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